Back to School Checklist

Back to school really is the worst time of the year. It marks the end of the summer and for busy mommies, back to school is a time of frenzy. Supply lists, clothes, hair cuts and physicals. The key is to be organized and have a game plan. I purchase all the supplies, bring them home and lay them all on the kitchen table. then I start to make piles for each child. I then begin labeling each folder and notebook. Every year I would hand write the names of each child on their supplies. A few years ago I began to use a labeler. Last year I decided to design labels that I could just peel and stick on notebooks and folders. I loved the idea so much that this year we have added them as part of our product line. These labels are traditionally ordered as gift stickers, but this time of year, they are perfect for back to school.

Next on the list is bag tags. they are the perfect accessory to any backpack, especially kindergardeners. It is overwhelming for little ones to remember bus number, class room, teacher’s name etc. Put it all on a bag tag for them and they will be comforted by knowing the information is there in case they forget.

This year we are so excited about a new product we are introducing just in time for back to school. Drum roll please…… personalized School money envelopes! My new fave. These envelopes are real time savers for the organized mom on the go. Keep a stack for each child and use them for the endless book order, lunch money and other correspondence to and from school.

Another I’m Inkpressed back to school favorite is our bookmarks. Kids love to see their name on everything! Who knows maybe it will encourage a little reading too!

Back to School Notebook Labels

Our brand new collection of Notebook Labels is complete and posted on our site. Check out these time saving labels that are sure to make your child the hippest kid in school this fall. The stickers can be personalized to be used as notebook labels or gift stickers, your choice.

Here are a few samples but there are so much more to see at


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