After receiving so many requests, we are excited to introduce our new line of personalized placemats. Browse our introductory products with many more designs on the way.

Baby Showers

Its almost time…… The arrival of baby is an exciting time. Planning the perfect shower is just as exciting. Unlike bridal showers and birthdays, baby showers are almost fool proof. From the invitations to the party favors you are sure to find crowd pleasers. Baby showers have become hip and trendy just like the new moms. Showers games have seen a makeover and even the cakes have been replaced with cupcakes. No matter the theme, food or decor, baby showers are always well an enjoyable time.

Logo Overhaul

Ok…. It is very convenient to have to the skills to create your own artwork. Problem is, when you have the ability to do it yourself  you tend to change your site design and logo quite often. So here goes again. I am dying to change my logo. I really want something that will represent my company, products and my personality. My designs are fun and whimsical. I try to be serious but when I start designing, it just turns into fun. Therefore, I have come to terms with the fact that a child at heart is what I am and that shows true in my designs. That being said, I began designing logos that would match both the design style and color schemes of my products. Because the name “I’m Inkpressed” does not lend itself to too much wordplay, I first tried to think of a design that played on the “pressed” part of the word. So I came up with this:

get it, the birds are being pressed out of the “P”,  like a factory line assembly. I thought it was cute. I pitched it to my kids, they didn’t get it.

I then tried to find something that would include one of my popular characters. I have a stick figure girl that is very popular so I decided to use her in the logo designs and came up with this:

I think she’s cute and versatile. I can change her into any position to suit the title like this:

fun huh!!!

I then tried to be a bit more serious and came up with this design:

cute huh?

In the end I have no idea which one to choose. I love them all, but have to narrow it down to one will you help me choose? take the poll:

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