Products I love: Kelly Moore Bag

For Christmas, Santa was generous enough to give me a camera. A fancy DSLR camera. The love affair was instant. I just back back from a wonderful trip to Nashville and my camera came along with me. With several other family trips planned in the next few months, I am sure to take my camera. The bag that I received with the camera is a bit bulky and… well… not girly. Here it is:

camera bag

So I set out to find a camera bag that would be both functional and fashionable. The search was on. It is really difficult to find a camera bag that is functional and fashionable. I found a company named Kelly Moore. They manufacture camera bags that look like purses. Alas, the search was over. I think I spent 2 hours on the site trying to decide on the one I wanted. They have videos of each bag, which is extremely helpful in trying to figure out sizes. The color selection is also amazing. They have so many to choose from and all very trendy.

In the end I decided on the B-HOBO Bag in walnut.

When the UPS man rang the doorbell, I was like a kid at Christmas!

kelly moore bag hobo

It was packaged so neatly. It even has a pretty little drawstring keepsake bag.

kelly moore hobo bag

The color is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Rich walnut. The texture was surprisingly soft. Although Kelly Moore only uses manmade materials in their bags, this one sure feels like soft leather.

kelly moore hobo bag

Want to see the inside?

kelly moore hobo bag

pretty huh? It evene came with an extra strap. One strap is to wear over the shoulder, the other cross body.

kelly moore hobo bag

I quickly got to work arranging all my lenses in the bag. It has plenty of room for everything and I can even fit my iPad.

kelly moore hobo bag

It all fit so nicely and closed up so quickly.

kelly moore hobo bag

Totally in love with this bag. To see more of  the Kelly Moore product line click here

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2 responses to “Products I love: Kelly Moore Bag

  1. Lynn

    What gear do you have in your bag? Would I be able to fit a 70-300 lens ( about 8″) and my body with a 50mm attached as well as a wallet, phone and ipod? Thanks

    • Hi Lynn,
      I packed my Nikon D90, 50mm lens, 18-105 lens and a speed light. I was able to place my wallet (wristlet) on top of the lenses and I fit my iPhone on the side pocket. I must admit that everything just fit. If you carry more equipment than I do, I suggest buying the bigger bag.

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