New on the Endangered Species list: Snail Mail

Is letter writing becoming a dying art form? In the age of technology and connectivity, personal touches are being left behind. Yes, I agree, it is quicker to send a text or a quick e-mail, after all, saying something is better than saying nothing. To what extent should we take short cuts? How fast do things have to be completed? What did we do before all the short cuts? And what exactly have we done with the time we’ve gained? The answer is simple, absolutely nothing. I remember when I was old enough to receive mail. It was so exciting to see my name, there, in black and white, on an envelope. Do you remember being handed a letter from your high school sweet heart and  taking it out periodically to read it over and over again. How about when you broke up with him? did you go back to the letter and somehow the words didn’t have the same meaning? The written word is beautiful and to compliment it is your penmanship. Penmanship is your personal stamp. Our children’s children should be able to find an old note card of their grandmother and admire their grandmother’s penmanship. You can’t find that in an e-mail or an instant message. Eventually e-mails get deleted, computers will crash and data will be lost, and along with it, the personal words embedded in them. Lets get back to basics. Take a few minutes to send a Thank You card to a friend who lent a hand.  A note card to your 6 year old niece who has never received mail. A note to a long distant friend, just to say hi. Bring back snail mail and with it personal touches. Grab a stack of note cards, return address labels and roll of stamps and start writing. Maybe you can start a trend and help keep snail mail from extinction.

Hoping for Spring

With more snow in the forecast, I can’t help to think ahead and hope for warmer days.  With Easter on my mind, I created a new invitation “Easter Chick” to help bring some happy thoughts of spring. What better way to celebrate the season than with an egg hunt. Invite some family and friends over for brunch. Set a table where the kids can gather and decorate eggs, finger paint or simply play games while the grown ups mingle. For the menu, the possibilities are endless. Click here for some great menu ideas. Serve a light citrus juice or a fruity punch. Afterwards, take the kids outside and let the hunt begin. By far the most exciting part is watching the kids run around with their baskets in a race for who can gather the most eggs!

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