2012… a year for change!



The  hustle and bustle of the season is upon us. I’m Inkpressed is in full holiday madness! Orders come in and out they go. Santa is not the only one working overtime these days.

I wanted to take time out of my busy schedule to reflect on my business. Reflect on goals met and push the bar further to reach new ones.

I’m Inkpressed was established in 2006. To understand how far we’ve come I have to take you to back to the beginning.

I was born with a passion for art. For as far back as I could remember I was a doodler. I knew I wanted to study art, and so upon graduating High School I enrolled in Parsons School of Design. Due to the first of many of life’s twists and turns , I dropped out of school and joined the NYPD. I suddenly had a career that not only brought self-fullfillment, but a sense of pride. I did my job to the fullest and worked with some of the most amazing and loving people. People that have become some of the best friends a girl could ever ask for. As my career started to wind down, I started thinking of what I could do upon retirement. Art was the first thing that came to mind. I wanted to once again attempt to fulfill my passion of  working in a creative field. Picking up a drawing set was not as easy the second time around. I now had a husband and three children. Life was busier than ever. I brought together my love of drawing and paper and founded I’m Inkpressed. A stationery company where I can finally put all my doodles on paper and make a business out of them. I was determined to go back to school and so I did. After juggling mommy hood, a full time job, a business and school, I can proudly say I finally received my degree in Graphic Design.

In May 2011, I took the leap and exhibited at the National Stationery Show. To exhibit at this prestigious show is the goal of all stationers. Here I was amongst the industry’s best. It was intimidating at first, but soon my fears turned to a smile when I felt the sense of achievement. I finally felt that I had raised my business to a competitive level. Many of the attendees that stopped by my booth said that they had heard of my company. I could not believe that they had heard of little ‘ol me. I walked away from the show full of pride and with a renewed sense of my ability to bring this company to a different level.

In July of 2011 I decided to retire from the NYPD. I now have the time to dedicate to my business and work at it full time. I will now be able to make time for refocus where I’ve been and where I am going.

I have set a few goals for the new year:

– Rebranding – I want to take my company to higher levels. In doing so I want to create a cohesive look that will be easily identifiable

– Webiste – out with the old, in with the new. Our site has seen its fair share of updates. In 2012 a new site is on the do list!

-Product Evaluations – existing products that our customers love will undergo some modifications to freshen them up. New products will be introduced and some older products retired.

-Social Media – If you can’t beat them, join them. I’m really not great at keeping up with my tweeting, face booking and blogging. 2012 is definitely the year for an  I’m Inkpressed media blitz!

As I look I have how far I’ve come, my dreams seem to get bigger each day.  The best is yet to come! HAPPY 2012!

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