Products I love: Kelly Moore Bag

For Christmas, Santa was generous enough to give me a camera. A fancy DSLR camera. The love affair was instant. I just back back from a wonderful trip to Nashville and my camera came along with me. With several other family trips planned in the next few months, I am sure to take my camera. The bag that I received with the camera is a bit bulky and… well… not girly. Here it is:

camera bag

So I set out to find a camera bag that would be both functional and fashionable. The search was on. It is really difficult to find a camera bag that is functional and fashionable. I found a company named Kelly Moore. They manufacture camera bags that look like purses. Alas, the search was over. I think I spent 2 hours on the site trying to decide on the one I wanted. They have videos of each bag, which is extremely helpful in trying to figure out sizes. The color selection is also amazing. They have so many to choose from and all very trendy.

In the end I decided on the B-HOBO Bag in walnut.

When the UPS man rang the doorbell, I was like a kid at Christmas!

kelly moore bag hobo

It was packaged so neatly. It even has a pretty little drawstring keepsake bag.

kelly moore hobo bag

The color is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Rich walnut. The texture was surprisingly soft. Although Kelly Moore only uses manmade materials in their bags, this one sure feels like soft leather.

kelly moore hobo bag

Want to see the inside?

kelly moore hobo bag

pretty huh? It evene came with an extra strap. One strap is to wear over the shoulder, the other cross body.

kelly moore hobo bag

I quickly got to work arranging all my lenses in the bag. It has plenty of room for everything and I can even fit my iPad.

kelly moore hobo bag

It all fit so nicely and closed up so quickly.

kelly moore hobo bag

Totally in love with this bag. To see more of  the Kelly Moore product line click here

Inspiration comes in many forms…

On March 3rd, 2012, I attended the Amber Housley Inspired workshop in Nashville, TN. At first I was hesitant about attending the workshop. The description said that It was geared towards any creative business.  I thought perhaps it was too broad and I was looking for something to spark my creativity and help grow my business further. I was not sure if this workshop was going to be for me. I decided to sign up anyway. All attendees were introduced to a private Facebook group where we quickly shared business tips and travel advice. As the days grew closer I became more eager to learn what the workshop was about and as I read about the guest speakers, I soon realized that this was going to be an amazing experience.

March 3rd: I walked into the venue and was greeted by warm friendly faces. People that I had never met before but somehow seemed so familiar. Faces that I had only seen on a 1/2″x1/2″ square Facebook photo, yet somehow I felt like I had known them an eternity.  I immediately felt comfortable and at ease.

After a brief mingle, the workshop got underway. As the speakers stood up one by one, they shared stories of successes and failures. Perseverance and determination. They spoke candidly of where they had been, where they are now, and where they  plan to be. I felt a connection with each speaker’s story. I felt as if they were speaking about me. They were all so relatable. As each one spoke, a little spark in me began to ignite. Finally! the workshop I had been looking for. You see, In the creative field, no one can teach you right and wrong. No class or book can teach you what to do, but what you can learn, is how to overcome. Creative business are all centered in the same fundamental core. It’s really about following your dreams, setting goals, and facing fears. Suddenly I had realized that although all of our business where different, we all had the same fears, challenges and fair share of failures.



I am so grateful to have attended this workshop. It really was the little push I needed.

I am Grateful  to  Amber Housley for putting together such an amazing day. For sharing her stories of successes and failures. For sharing the tools that we all need to be successful.

I am Grateful to Kelly Boyd (Anne Kelle) for showing me that everyone, not just me, have fears. That fears are obstacles that stand in the way of goals.

I am Thankful to Sara Rose (Sara E. Rose Photography) for teaching me that mommy guilt is universal. We all suffer from it, but it should not hinder our personal growth.

I am Thankful to Jessica Bishop (The Budget Saavy Bride) for sharing her tips on professionalism and public relations.

I am Thankful for Courtney Dial (Pizzazzerie + author of Push Pops) for teaching us all that with a little effort and persistence we can achieve anything.


We all left the workshop with a bag full of goodies. So many pieces of creativity bundled into one pretty pink bag.



I can write for days and still this blog post would not properly describe this workshop. It is definitely one of those “you had to be there” moments. I urge anyone who is thinking of starting a creative business, or currently has a business and has lost their drive, to attend this amazingly inspiring workshop.


Desktop Organization and a Freebie

In an effort to continue to cross off items off my 2012 to do list, organization was next in line. First on the list: my desktop! I always try to keep my desktop organized, but after a few weeks, and several new folders later, I am back to chaos. So, I have found a quick solution. A desktop wallpaper organizer. I created with all the categories that will suit my business. I have a current projects area, tool box, I’m Inkpressed, Misc. and for file. The latter is for when I am a little to busy to categorize, but I will get to it…. I promise. Here are a few screen shots of the before and after:

As you can see, I have classified everything by category. I have also given every folder a color to correspond with its category. Nice, neat and super easy.

Would you like your own? Just click on the image below. Once the image opens up in a separate window, save it to your computer and use it as your desktop.

Happy Organizing!

2012… a year for change!



The  hustle and bustle of the season is upon us. I’m Inkpressed is in full holiday madness! Orders come in and out they go. Santa is not the only one working overtime these days.

I wanted to take time out of my busy schedule to reflect on my business. Reflect on goals met and push the bar further to reach new ones.

I’m Inkpressed was established in 2006. To understand how far we’ve come I have to take you to back to the beginning.

I was born with a passion for art. For as far back as I could remember I was a doodler. I knew I wanted to study art, and so upon graduating High School I enrolled in Parsons School of Design. Due to the first of many of life’s twists and turns , I dropped out of school and joined the NYPD. I suddenly had a career that not only brought self-fullfillment, but a sense of pride. I did my job to the fullest and worked with some of the most amazing and loving people. People that have become some of the best friends a girl could ever ask for. As my career started to wind down, I started thinking of what I could do upon retirement. Art was the first thing that came to mind. I wanted to once again attempt to fulfill my passion of  working in a creative field. Picking up a drawing set was not as easy the second time around. I now had a husband and three children. Life was busier than ever. I brought together my love of drawing and paper and founded I’m Inkpressed. A stationery company where I can finally put all my doodles on paper and make a business out of them. I was determined to go back to school and so I did. After juggling mommy hood, a full time job, a business and school, I can proudly say I finally received my degree in Graphic Design.

In May 2011, I took the leap and exhibited at the National Stationery Show. To exhibit at this prestigious show is the goal of all stationers. Here I was amongst the industry’s best. It was intimidating at first, but soon my fears turned to a smile when I felt the sense of achievement. I finally felt that I had raised my business to a competitive level. Many of the attendees that stopped by my booth said that they had heard of my company. I could not believe that they had heard of little ‘ol me. I walked away from the show full of pride and with a renewed sense of my ability to bring this company to a different level.

In July of 2011 I decided to retire from the NYPD. I now have the time to dedicate to my business and work at it full time. I will now be able to make time for refocus where I’ve been and where I am going.

I have set a few goals for the new year:

– Rebranding – I want to take my company to higher levels. In doing so I want to create a cohesive look that will be easily identifiable

– Webiste – out with the old, in with the new. Our site has seen its fair share of updates. In 2012 a new site is on the do list!

-Product Evaluations – existing products that our customers love will undergo some modifications to freshen them up. New products will be introduced and some older products retired.

-Social Media – If you can’t beat them, join them. I’m really not great at keeping up with my tweeting, face booking and blogging. 2012 is definitely the year for an  I’m Inkpressed media blitz!

As I look I have how far I’ve come, my dreams seem to get bigger each day.  The best is yet to come! HAPPY 2012!

Cell Phone cases for a cause

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.  ~Author Unknown

If we all pitched in just a little, my what a world this would be! I have always been touched by people who pour their hearts into something they believe in. In they end it makes us all believers. I have blogged in the past about my dear friend Patti who has met adversity with courage. The kind of courage most of us can only hope for. Patti, for those of you who do not know, is a cervical cancer survivor who has turned negative into positive, and continues her undying mission to spread the word about awareness.

In the past we offered a “Live” luggage tag designed especially for this cause, to benefit Tamika & Friends, an organization that is doing wonderful things to help bring awareness cervical cancer early detection. Patti holds this organization near and dear to her.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a young lady named Hali, who had seen my “Live” tags and wanted to know if I could design a cell phone case to honor her mother. Hali’s mother had lost her battle with cervical cancer. I was not only honored but humbled. As a graphic designer, doodling and designing is all I know. It is my tool. But who would’ve thought that my designs could reach so many by helping along an organization that does such great work. Proof that we can all do something….anything, to help.

It is for this reason that today we unveil 3 new designs to benefit Tamika & Friends.  These cases were designed for the owners of them to show support in honor, or in memory of someone touched by this devastating illness. The cases are available as cell phone covers or iPod covers. Follow this link to support a great cause! I’m Inkpressed

with love,

Halloween Freebie

Here is an early treat. Who can resist this cute witch when she invites you out on a spooky night.




Download , print, fill in the blanks and enjoy!


2011 National Stationery Show

Well, after several days of hard work, we are all done setting up our booth. Hard to believe that one can transform such a small space into what looks like a retail store. Although it took only a few people to help me set up, it really took a village when I count all the wonderful support and guidance I received from so many. Here are a few pictures of the transformation:

Color Trends Report Spring 2011: Part 2 Blue Curacao

The second color in the trend report is Blue Curacao. It is a warm teal that resembles “Tiffany Blue”. This color, or different shades of it, has been prominent in the past recent years. It is a feminine blue, which probably attributes to its popularity. Blue Curacao has also been popular in the culinary trade. Cupcakes, cakes and other confections are often seen displayed in this particluar shade of blue, as seen in the adorable cake toppers below.


Cake ToppersHand Bag ,Rose Ring, Fold Over Note Card


Color Trends Report Spring 2011 – Part 1: Honeysuckle

Pantone releases its Color trend fashion report for each season. The report is aimed at the Fashion Industry, but has transcended to all design industries. Its release is so influential that the colors selected in the report, quickly become the “it” colors. They can be seen in everything from handbags, furniture and clothing all the way to paint colors.

For those of you who know me it come as no surprise that know me it comes as no surprise that I love color. My obsession with paper married to my love of color is how I’m Inkpressed was born. So as you may have already deduced, I am one of those who awaits this report with baited breath. I was so excited when I saw the spring release of the Pantone report. So many of the colors in I have  been using in my designs. I was going to blog about all the colors at once, but because I am so excited about this report, I am going to showcase each color individually.

Each year Pantone releases its color of the year. It is the one color that bears the title of “The color that will transcend all seasons”. You can use it in the summer or the dead of the winter and the color will still be in style. Pretty big title to live up to. For 2011, Pantone has selected “Honeysuckle”, one of my favorite colors. It is a mix between hot pink and melon. It is fitting for adults and children. I have used it in so many of my products and I am excited to see that it is the color of the year. With that in mind, I will begin my color series with Honeysuckle.


Baby Ana Note Card by I’m InkpressedHobo BagGlass Ornament

Mary Janes for baby Girls, Post earringsVintage Moonglow Earrings


Holiday cheer for all!

We’ve all just rebounded from Thanksgiving, a time where we are humbled by the many blessings and sense of family. Its easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday madness that quickly follows all that warm goodness. Amidst the craziness, it is important to remember others that are in need or simply have the need of being remembered.

One of my favorite organizations is Any Soldier. Is it a wonderful site that men and women of the armed forces can use to request items. You can sort by gender, military branch, or even select a group of soldiers in your home state. Some of the items are simple products that we all take for granted. For example, last year, I answered the email of a female soldier who was in need of christmas lights and other inexpensive decorations, so that she can host a surprise Christmas party for the men in her infantry. Another female soldier had begun a support group with other mothers that were serving oversees. They were in need of children’s books. They gather once a week to videotape themselves reading bedtime stories so they can send the tapes back home to their children. They were running out of books and were asking for books, old or new. Not a tall order.

Whether you choose this organization or one of your choice. Lets try to give something big or small to someone in need. Lets spread holiday cheer for all!

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