Products I love: Kelly Moore Bag

For Christmas, Santa was generous enough to give me a camera. A fancy DSLR camera. The love affair was instant. I just back back from a wonderful trip to Nashville and my camera came along with me. With several other family trips planned in the next few months, I am sure to take my camera. The bag that I received with the camera is a bit bulky and… well… not girly. Here it is:

camera bag

So I set out to find a camera bag that would be both functional and fashionable. The search was on. It is really difficult to find a camera bag that is functional and fashionable. I found a company named Kelly Moore. They manufacture camera bags that look like purses. Alas, the search was over. I think I spent 2 hours on the site trying to decide on the one I wanted. They have videos of each bag, which is extremely helpful in trying to figure out sizes. The color selection is also amazing. They have so many to choose from and all very trendy.

In the end I decided on the B-HOBO Bag in walnut.

When the UPS man rang the doorbell, I was like a kid at Christmas!

kelly moore bag hobo

It was packaged so neatly. It even has a pretty little drawstring keepsake bag.

kelly moore hobo bag

The color is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Rich walnut. The texture was surprisingly soft. Although Kelly Moore only uses manmade materials in their bags, this one sure feels like soft leather.

kelly moore hobo bag

Want to see the inside?

kelly moore hobo bag

pretty huh? It evene came with an extra strap. One strap is to wear over the shoulder, the other cross body.

kelly moore hobo bag

I quickly got to work arranging all my lenses in the bag. It has plenty of room for everything and I can even fit my iPad.

kelly moore hobo bag

It all fit so nicely and closed up so quickly.

kelly moore hobo bag

Totally in love with this bag. To see more of  the Kelly Moore product line click here

Inspiration comes in many forms…

On March 3rd, 2012, I attended the Amber Housley Inspired workshop in Nashville, TN. At first I was hesitant about attending the workshop. The description said that It was geared towards any creative business.  I thought perhaps it was too broad and I was looking for something to spark my creativity and help grow my business further. I was not sure if this workshop was going to be for me. I decided to sign up anyway. All attendees were introduced to a private Facebook group where we quickly shared business tips and travel advice. As the days grew closer I became more eager to learn what the workshop was about and as I read about the guest speakers, I soon realized that this was going to be an amazing experience.

March 3rd: I walked into the venue and was greeted by warm friendly faces. People that I had never met before but somehow seemed so familiar. Faces that I had only seen on a 1/2″x1/2″ square Facebook photo, yet somehow I felt like I had known them an eternity.  I immediately felt comfortable and at ease.

After a brief mingle, the workshop got underway. As the speakers stood up one by one, they shared stories of successes and failures. Perseverance and determination. They spoke candidly of where they had been, where they are now, and where they  plan to be. I felt a connection with each speaker’s story. I felt as if they were speaking about me. They were all so relatable. As each one spoke, a little spark in me began to ignite. Finally! the workshop I had been looking for. You see, In the creative field, no one can teach you right and wrong. No class or book can teach you what to do, but what you can learn, is how to overcome. Creative business are all centered in the same fundamental core. It’s really about following your dreams, setting goals, and facing fears. Suddenly I had realized that although all of our business where different, we all had the same fears, challenges and fair share of failures.



I am so grateful to have attended this workshop. It really was the little push I needed.

I am Grateful  to  Amber Housley for putting together such an amazing day. For sharing her stories of successes and failures. For sharing the tools that we all need to be successful.

I am Grateful to Kelly Boyd (Anne Kelle) for showing me that everyone, not just me, have fears. That fears are obstacles that stand in the way of goals.

I am Thankful to Sara Rose (Sara E. Rose Photography) for teaching me that mommy guilt is universal. We all suffer from it, but it should not hinder our personal growth.

I am Thankful to Jessica Bishop (The Budget Saavy Bride) for sharing her tips on professionalism and public relations.

I am Thankful for Courtney Dial (Pizzazzerie + author of Push Pops) for teaching us all that with a little effort and persistence we can achieve anything.


We all left the workshop with a bag full of goodies. So many pieces of creativity bundled into one pretty pink bag.



I can write for days and still this blog post would not properly describe this workshop. It is definitely one of those “you had to be there” moments. I urge anyone who is thinking of starting a creative business, or currently has a business and has lost their drive, to attend this amazingly inspiring workshop.


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