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Its been over a month since the last post and I swore that I’m Inkpressed would have a new post once a week….I do have a good excuse. I have been a busy little bee.  I went on a field trip to the National Stationery Show, the highlight of my spring every year. I met so many creative and talented people. The show is so inspiring to me. I always walk away feeling so creative. This year the show inspired me to take my business to different levels, continue to raise the bar and set new goals. With that in mind, I have begun designing new products and reorganizing my business. Tons of new products will be introduced…. here’s a sneak peek :

so much more to come…… please stand by

Baby Showers

Its almost time…… The arrival of baby is an exciting time. Planning the perfect shower is just as exciting. Unlike bridal showers and birthdays, baby showers are almost fool proof. From the invitations to the party favors you are sure to find crowd pleasers. Baby showers have become hip and trendy just like the new moms. Showers games have seen a makeover and even the cakes have been replaced with cupcakes. No matter the theme, food or decor, baby showers are always well an enjoyable time.

Drum roll please…..

The winner of our “Colors of the Season” poll is……. Chocolate Covered Cherry. The color combination won by a large margin over the others. Perhaps it was the richness of the colors. I think that it had something to do with our obsession with chocolate. Either way, I have to agree, the combination is delicious. Sorry Red & Green there is a new yummy combo in town.

So here goes, as promised, I’m Inkpressed introduces its newest holiday invitation Chocolate Covered Cherry:



Ok, I just finished posting the back to school products and voila! Head first into halloween we go. Halloween always seems to turn the corner so quickly. For this reason planning a halloween party is a rushed job. Here is a sneak peak at I’m Inkpressed’s new halloween invitations. Boo! are you scared?

Witch Invitation

Witch Invitation

Party favors

Personalized Party Favors

Personalized Party Favors

Planning a party is hectic. What will I serve? decorations? etc. An element of the party that usually is left for the last minute is the party favor. Party favors are ultimately what your guests take away from the party. I always feel that over the top favors scream that you’re trying too hard. Others become dust collectors. The best favors are the ones that your guests will use and then dispose of. For this reason I have developed a line of party favors that will match any decor and can be fully customized. Best of all, these favors can be used for any occasion; kids birthdays, baby showers, bridal and engagement parties, the possibilities are endless.

Our party favors are small tins that include a personalized label. What goes inside the tin will be your personal touch. A favorite of many is personalized M&Ms or Jelly Bellies jelly beans in a color that will match your event.

At the end of the party your guests will be delighted that they received a beautiful yet simple party favor and not another dust collector!

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