Holiday cheer for all!

We’ve all just rebounded from Thanksgiving, a time where we are humbled by the many blessings and sense of family. Its easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday madness that quickly follows all that warm goodness. Amidst the craziness, it is important to remember others that are in need or simply have the need of being remembered.

One of my favorite organizations is Any Soldier. Is it a wonderful site that men and women of the armed forces can use to request items. You can sort by gender, military branch, or even select a group of soldiers in your home state. Some of the items are simple products that we all take for granted. For example, last year, I answered the email of a female soldier who was in need of christmas lights and other inexpensive decorations, so that she can host a surprise Christmas party for the men in her infantry. Another female soldier had begun a support group with other mothers that were serving oversees. They were in need of children’s books. They gather once a week to videotape themselves reading bedtime stories so they can send the tapes back home to their children. They were running out of books and were asking for books, old or new. Not a tall order.

Whether you choose this organization or one of your choice. Lets try to give something big or small to someone in need. Lets spread holiday cheer for all!

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