Color Trends Report Spring 2011: Part 3 Beeswax

The series continues with a cheery color, Beeswax. No other color makes a bolder statement for spring. It is a mix between orange and yellow that will compliemnt almost any color.

Pocket Mirror, Bookmark, Lego cuff links, Cupcake bath scrub


Color Trends Report Spring 2011: Part 2 Blue Curacao

The second color in the trend report is Blue Curacao. It is a warm teal that resembles “Tiffany Blue”. This color, or different shades of it, has been prominent in the past recent years. It is a feminine blue, which probably attributes to its popularity. Blue Curacao has also been popular in the culinary trade. Cupcakes, cakes and other confections are often seen displayed in this particluar shade of blue, as seen in the adorable cake toppers below.


Cake ToppersHand Bag ,Rose Ring, Fold Over Note Card


Color Trends Report Spring 2011 – Part 1: Honeysuckle

Pantone releases its Color trend fashion report for each season. The report is aimed at the Fashion Industry, but has transcended to all design industries. Its release is so influential that the colors selected in the report, quickly become the “it” colors. They can be seen in everything from handbags, furniture and clothing all the way to paint colors.

For those of you who know me it come as no surprise that know me it comes as no surprise that I love color. My obsession with paper married to my love of color is how I’m Inkpressed was born. So as you may have already deduced, I am one of those who awaits this report with baited breath. I was so excited when I saw the spring release of the Pantone report. So many of the colors in I have  been using in my designs. I was going to blog about all the colors at once, but because I am so excited about this report, I am going to showcase each color individually.

Each year Pantone releases its color of the year. It is the one color that bears the title of “The color that will transcend all seasons”. You can use it in the summer or the dead of the winter and the color will still be in style. Pretty big title to live up to. For 2011, Pantone has selected “Honeysuckle”, one of my favorite colors. It is a mix between hot pink and melon. It is fitting for adults and children. I have used it in so many of my products and I am excited to see that it is the color of the year. With that in mind, I will begin my color series with Honeysuckle.


Baby Ana Note Card by I’m InkpressedHobo BagGlass Ornament

Mary Janes for baby Girls, Post earringsVintage Moonglow Earrings


Babies, babies and more babies

We’ve heard your cries! We are finally ready to unveil our much awaited baby line. We are proud to introduce our birth announcement suites. Each suite is available with the option of coordinating note cards and return address labels. Visit our site to view our products.

New Year…. new look

The busy bees at I’m Inkpressed have been working feverishly to get everything ready for our National Stationery Show debut. Tons of new designs! Even some classic ones got caught up in the frenzy and received some sprucing up as well. With all the designing going on in the studio there was no way the website could escape unscathed! Our new logo is now on our site as well as our new color scheme! Ok no time to chat…. busy busy!





Holiday cheer for all!

We’ve all just rebounded from Thanksgiving, a time where we are humbled by the many blessings and sense of family. Its easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday madness that quickly follows all that warm goodness. Amidst the craziness, it is important to remember others that are in need or simply have the need of being remembered.

One of my favorite organizations is Any Soldier. Is it a wonderful site that men and women of the armed forces can use to request items. You can sort by gender, military branch, or even select a group of soldiers in your home state. Some of the items are simple products that we all take for granted. For example, last year, I answered the email of a female soldier who was in need of christmas lights and other inexpensive decorations, so that she can host a surprise Christmas party for the men in her infantry. Another female soldier had begun a support group with other mothers that were serving oversees. They were in need of children’s books. They gather once a week to videotape themselves reading bedtime stories so they can send the tapes back home to their children. They were running out of books and were asking for books, old or new. Not a tall order.

Whether you choose this organization or one of your choice. Lets try to give something big or small to someone in need. Lets spread holiday cheer for all!

Halloween Invitations

Its that time already. We’ve packed away the summer gear and quickly we find ourselves staring Halloween in the face. Not too much time to plan, but Halloween parties are easy to put together. Lots of candy, yummy desserts and eerie finger food. Martha Stewart has a great collection of recipes on her site, Family Fun has great recipes for kid’s halloween parties too. Here at I’m Inkpressed we have geared up for Halloween too. We have two new friends that are being introduced to our line of products. What better way to introduce the new characters but to dress them up for Halloween. Meet Pepper + Jack the two newest members of the I’m Inkpressed family. This adorable pair will be featured in a variety of different products. We will be seeing so much more of them! stay tuned…..

folded note cards

A girl can never have too many note cards. Write a thank you, a hello , a just because….. always keep a stack handy. Our newest note cards have a modern edge with trendy colors. Personalize it with your initial and name and you’ll have a one of kind card.

Color theme party

When thinking of a theme for your little girl’s birthday party, why not just use a color as the theme. You can find a broad array of party supplies in various shades of pink. Purchase everything from baby pink, hot pink, peach and watermelon. Combination of all these colors will make a beautiful, colorful display. Sticking to the theme, you can make pink cupcakes, favor bags and tons of pink candy.

The possibilities of a color theme party are endless. Look for color trends and create a pretty party that all the girls will remember. How about adding light green to pinks and peaches? It creates a pretty palette like we did here. We took one of our new designs, “Amber in the Park” and created a collage inspired by the colors found in the invitation.


Silhouettes have become the latest craze. They are everywhere from victorian cameos to playful animals. Silhouettes have taken taken over. I drew inspiration from this and created a bunch of whimsical products that we like to call “The Witness Protection” line. Products will be available on our site, in the meantime, enjoy the sneak peak!

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