Cervical Cancer Awareness Month…

My friend Patti was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She embarked on a journey of strength and courage and endured days that most of us would cower at the thought. Her courage led her to a path of recovery and today, thankfully,  she is cancer free. 11,000 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer this year, 4,500 will die from it. However, invasive cervical cancer is highly preventable. Patti has raised awareness in all those close to her and anyone else who will lend and ear. January is Cervical Cancer awareness month. In honor of my Patti’s courage, I wanted to design a product that would help carry her message. This special luggage tag has a little lady dressed in the cervical cancer awareness colors. She packs a powerful message “Live”. I’m Inkpressed will donate 50% of all proceeds from the sale of this product to Tamika and Friends, an organization dedicated to raising awareness.

Regular Pap tests are crucial to ensure early detection and prevention. For more information please visit the National Cervical Cancer Coalition website.

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3 responses to “Cervical Cancer Awareness Month…

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for designing this luggage tag and donating some of the proceeds to our organization. I know your friend of whom you speak. She is an AMAZING woman. Her energy and enthusiasm for cervical cancer advocacy is contagious. I am blessed to know her.

    Again, I applaud and thank you for the voice that you are lending to this important cause.

  2. Maryann

    What a beautiful tag! I have known Patti for 25 years and she is an amazing person and friend. Thank you so much for doing something so beautiful and generous.

    • Thank you for your comments! Its easy to be inspired when the source of inspiration represents so much. Patti has shown such strength in the face adversity. Instead of sulking, she has found the positive in a negative and has made awareness of this illness her priority. Truly admirable.

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