Kids Summer Birthdays


Summer is in full swing! Fun, sun and… oh yeah… summer birthdays! They are the easiest to plan, require the least entertainment and are enjoyed the most. Kids are happy running freely outdoors.  So here are some fun, easy and inexpensive tips that I have gathered in my many years of mommy duty as a party host.

1. To begin your beach theme child’s party start off with a “Crabby” Invitation.

2. Purchase water balloons and start filling! The task is time consuming and the balloons are gone in the blink of an eye, so make sure you have enough to last a while. Fill the balloons several days in advance, one less task to worry about on party day.

3. To continue the water theme purchase a slip n slide. It is the simplest creation, just a sheet of plastic, and somehow it keeps kids busy for hours. In another area of the yard set up a sprinkler. Kids love to get wet, they will run through the sprinkler for hours.

4. Bake up some cupcakes! Bake simple cupcakes and decorate as shown. The sand topping was created using finely crushed graham crackers for the topping. The shark fin can be created by cutting out sturdy black craft paper.

5. As a party favor, each child receives a sand bucket personalized with their name. Use “Painty” markers, sold at craft stores. You don’t have to be artistic to personalize these, simply write the child’s name in block letters then draw a dot at each corner of the letter. this will give the letter a crafted look. Still not confident? You can cheat a little and purchase stencils… no one will ever know. Fill the bucket with candy and  beach balls.


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